Exclusivity by design

Our noble natural products confer a special character to every room. The elegant marble or granite plates are only 30 mm thick. We provide natural stones coming from many countries of the world so it is possible either to set architectural accents by choosing one out of the multitude of different colours or structures, or to hide the heating by opting for a natural stone that does not differ from the wall. Our assortment of different colours will impress you. Which conventional radiator could contribute to design?



Design completely in line with your ideas


It is easy to integrate the astra natural stone heatings into your home. If the standard dimensions do not fit, we can procure special dimensions according to your requirements. Standard, long and narrow, square, round or oval -  whatever the form is, astra natural stone heatings will always find the right place in your home. Our large range of products allows you to opt for a classical straight form or to choose another form – there is a multitude of varieties.
And then the fitting edge profile. Maybe quarter or half-round? Integrated halogen spot lights, (laser) engraved themes, … there are nearly no bounds for the execution of your ideas. The adequate surface for every type of furnishing. Polished surfaces are in line with nearly every style, antique brush-finished or satin-finished with country house style, the different surface finishings make the astra natural stone heating suitable for every living environment.