Investment costs

An investment worth the money

Everyone building a new house or renovating an existent building has to decide which heating system is the most reasonable and advantageous for his purposes. astra natural stone heatings are a good value alternative in terms of acquisition and connection costs.

The electricity supplies are implemented together with the general electrical installation. Requirements: 

  • astra natural stone heating panels according to the determination of your heating requirements
  • One thermostat per room
  • Synchronisation of the special rate
  • Electric supply lines for the heaters

In addition, astra natural stone heating systems do not need expensive boilers and/or oil tanks. You do not need a separate room for that.
Besides that, astra natural stone heatings do not need any service and there are no maintenance or sweep costs.
astra natural stone heatings do not require a chimney. Furthermore you do not need an energy stock (like oil).