Operating efficiency

Comparing the natural stone heating’s costs with the results of respectable studies concerning different heating systems, you will see that the total costs (acquisition, running and operation costs) of a natural stone heating are the lowest. This result is verified by long-time experience.
You can read the operating costs of the astra natural heating directly on the tariff meter. They consist in the pure costs for electrical energy. Some energy providers offer special heating rates.
There is no night setback and the radiation heats up all over walls, ceiling and floor as well as the furniture to the adjusted room temperature. The homogeneous heating of air and basic structure of the building procure that the room temperature can be lowered by about 3° C and you feel at ease.



Save heating costs

The heater only works in order to compensate the thermal loss of a room. During the transitory times of the year the single room regulation makes it easy to heat up only one room.
Contrary to gas and oil heatings a natural stone heating does not cause any hidden costs. (Oil and gas heatings need electric energy for example to run the pumps or to supply the ignition and stand-by switches of the boiler installation)