Electricity – the future energy

In the future, fossil fuels worldwide like oil or gas will run short and become more and more expensive. Particularly oil is a basic resource that is essential for many things we need for our daily life. There are countries that have already forbidden the installation of oil and gas heatings in new buildings; other countries are thinking about a prohibition.
Today, the generation of energy prioritises renewable energies (like photovoltaics, wind or water power) in order to avoid the limited fossil resources.  The contingent of renewable energies is steadily growing. In 2014 the renewable energies contributed already 25.8 % to the gross energy generation. Until 2025 the objective is to achieve 40 to 45 %, and until 2035 55 to 60 % of the total energy shall be generated by renewable energies.
Today, the remuneration for electricity fed into the grid thanks to photovoltaic installation is comparatively low. But if you use the generated electricity yourself, the energy generation at a local level will stay profitable and will become more and more lucrative. Photovoltaic installations and energy storage devices become more and more actual. At the same time the investment costs decline.
Opting for an astra natural stone heating is yet today the starting point for your future.





astra natural stone heating combined with a photovoltaic installation and an energy storage device =
Lower energy costs, more independence!

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