In 1986 Rainer Ertel founded ertel Naturstein. Initially, the enterprise mainly engaged in the import of raw and finished material, mostly from Greece. Soon, we invested in machine technology so we could execute specific customer orders faster. Beside this core business we started developing our natural stone heating. 


The Ertel natural stone heating was ready for market and has been tested by various testing institutes. We filed an application for a European patent that was granted in 1992. The distribution was no longer limited to Germany but was expanded to several other European countries. In Austria, we set up a foreign base. In order to comply with the steadily increasing demand, we had to invest in a special production line for the natural stone heating.


From this moment on, the Ertel natural stone heating became the major sales item of the enterprise. The existing production establishment could not fulfil the increasing requirements and we had to start building a new workshop. In 1995 we moved to the present place of business with its 4000 square metres.


The Ertel natural stone heating gets its own protected name: astra natural stone heating.
We set up a factory settlement in Nuremberg. In order to comply with the demand of sturdy heating systems for zoological gardens, we developed our „animal heating“ that today is used in zoos all around the world.


Investing in a complete new production technique made it possible to tap the full creative potential of the astra natural stone heating. Now, all processes of machining are assumed by numerically controlled machines and it is possible to provide heating devices with different forms, measurements or surfaces. Custom versions of kitchen worktops, washbasins, shower trays, cover plates and much more were integrated in the sales program. 


In order to enlarge our product range and process many different materials we invested in an additional fully automated cutting installation.

Today, the company is technically up to date and well prepared for the future.