The positive effects of the IR-C astra natural stone heating on our health result from the long waved infrared C radiation. The IR-C radiation heats up the solid parts (walls, ceiling, floor) and all the objects in a room. They store the heat that afterwards is reabsorbed by the room.  The building structure is warmer than the ambient room air and slowly gives off the heat to the air. There is no dust swirled up in the room because the IR-C radiation does not cause any air circulation (convection). The mucous membranes of nose, fauces or eyes do not dry out. Particularly asthmatic or allergic persons appreciate this effect.
By lowering the room temperature by 3° C feeling always completely at ease, you generate a natural, healthy and ideal indoor climate that no convectional heating (like radiators or underfloor heating) can generate.
The IR-C astra natural stone heating has a natural assimilation capacity. When air humidity rate is high, the stone absorbs it like a sponge and releases it later when the humidity has lowered.  (See Why natural stone)
Numerous clinical trials consider the dry and warm air in superheated rooms to be one of the causes for coughs and sneezes as well as allergies. Also antiques, plants and beloved furniture suffer from dry and warm air.
All the above named positive characteristics of the IR-C radiation together produce a comfortable feeling. Persons staying in a room with astra natural stone heating feel homelike, are more and more relaxed and can easily work off stress. (See IR-C radiation)



Fields of application for IR-C radiation:

  • Heating system for apartments, houses, stables, …
  • Stimulation of the blood circulation
  • Positive effects like after a soft workout
    Various health parameters when applicated regularly
  • Supports the immune response
  • Reduces the sensitivity to pain



Infrared with heard and vascular diseases

Last but not least there exist evidences for a positive effect of IR-C applications on further cardiovascular risk factors: IR-C applications can act positively on the cholesterol level and overweight and during the application itself there is a vascular dilation. But also between the single IR-C applications a better regulation of the vessel width (endothelial function) could be observed.


Infrared with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

Also persons suffering from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) should try to manage their symptoms and thereby improve their quality of live with regular applications into an infrared cabin.

Scientific trials with patients suffering from CFS showed that disorders like tiredness, pain and low fever attenuated. In addition, the patients could relax easier, quicken their appetite, improve their sleep quality and ease depressive moods.


Infrared with typical female problems

Several trials analysed the effects of IR applications on women suffering from period pains. Thanks to the IR radiation there were clear attenuations in the menstruation related pains as well as in the other disorders. In addition, IR-C could improve menopausal symptoms.

Infrared with arthritis

Also patients with diseases caused by inflammation can benefit from IR-C applications. An Italian study showed that patients with arthritic knees had less pain and effusions after IR-C applications. Suffering from this destructive disease, it is always a good thing to start supporting treatments beside the medical treatment.

Infrared with diabetes

The effects of IR-C applications were also tested with diabetics. The results were very respectable: There was an amelioration of the oxidative stress (less free radicals) that often is increased when a person suffers from diabetes type I or II. Regular IR-C applications improved the patient’s quality of life.


Infrared with allergies

In the same way, allergic persons can benefit from IR-C radiation. A scientific trial proved that the heat resulting from IR-C radiation on the face clearly improved the allergic symptoms of persons suffering from allergic coryza:
Symptoms on eyes and nose were alleviated in nearly all cases.


Infrared with renal diseases

Persons suffering from kidney diseases who need to dialyse regularly have to face many inconveniences. IR-C radiation can also help this group of patients:
Thanks to IR-C therapy, the blood flow is improved, inflammational processes are retarded and the oxidative stress is ameliorated.


Infrared with pains

Also persons suffering from chronic pain can benefit from IR-C. According to measurements with healthy persons, regular IR-C applications trigger the release of endorphins and this can be particularly useful for pain patients.
In this context, the case of a patient suffering from phantom pain is especially interesting. This phenomenon is really hard to treat, but with IR-C radiation it was possible to clearly reduce the pain and at last the phantom pain disappeared nearly completely. There remained only some really short-lived relapses.