Since 1986 we produce the astra natural stone heating according to our patented procedure in our production facility in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. All the workflow, from the complete processing of the natural stone with modern CNC machines and the assembly of the electrical components, to the final inspection, packaging and finally the shipping, takes place in our house.
All the necessary natural stones, regardless of whether it is marble, granite or limestone, are ordered directly at our long time partners in the correspondent origin countries like Greece, Italy, Brazil or India. The big raw panels are cut to size for the respective heating devices, the edges are polished and the grooves for the heating element are milled in our own production facility.  Almost all of the production steps are fully automated and are realized with the utmost accuracy.

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When the stone processing is completed, the panels are connected to the heating technique and then closed under pressure with a special sealing compound that has an almost identical thermal conductivity like the stone itself. All this points together guarantee not only a consistently high quality but also low prices in the long term.

We always have approximately 2,000 heating panels in stock. Thereby we ensure security of supply and short delivery times.

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Do you want a kitchen worktop out of the same material as your astra natural stone heating? Or maybe a washbasin or a shower tray in the bathroom? No problem. We can manufacture desk tops, cover panels, windowsills, etc. for you.

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