Alternative to night-storage heaters

Replacement of night-storage heaters

Replacing your old, power guzzling night-storage heating by a space saving, modern and elegant IR-C astra natural stone heating will reduce your heating costs and increase your living comfort. The room temperature can be lowered about 3 degrees without affecting the feeling of warmth. Up to 100 % of the inserted energy is transformed in heat energy. This way, you can reduce your heating costs by nearly 50 % and provide a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. The IR-C astra natural stone heating heats up the solid room components (walls, ceiling, floor) that stock the heat and then transfer it slowly to the ambient air. A night-storage heater first of all heats up the air (convection). That’s why the IR-C astra natural stone heating does not raise house-dust and provides a high living comfort – especially allergic and asthmatic persons feel at ease.

Night-storage heating’s roots are in the 70s. At that time, electricity generated by nuclear power was abundant and this heating system was celebrated as the Messiah of low-cost heating. The energy providers could release the energy overrun at night to the night-storage heatings and always had a big income.  And compared to „water based heatings“ the acquisition costs were notably lower.
But due to the exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy, night-storage heatings were suddenly demonised as „energy guzzlers“. Regardless of these points, the night-storage heating was and is already more than dubious regarding warmth comfort, temperature control and health.
Replacing this heating in an existing building by a water based system like underfloor or radiator heating is already impossible because of the very costs (apartments ca. 12.000 € to 14.000 €, houses ca. 18.000 € to 25.000 €), not to mention the noise and dust exposure during weeks when the apartments or houses are occupied. The only alternative energy sources and primary energy carriers are gas, oil, pellets, wood chips and so on. But this would foil completely all the efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.
A changeover to the INFRARED-C astra natural stone heating is certainly the most reasonable, cost-saving (ca. 3.500 € to 8.500 €) and healthiest chance to quit an antiquated heating system and to install a future-proof, energy-efficient and ecological heating.
The infrared C astra natural stone heating prevents mould formation and clearly reduces irritations due to asthma, dust mite allergy, rheumatism, e.g. (see also: health).


  • Easy replacement; the old installation can be used
  • Step by step replacement
  • Energy saving; up to 100 % of the inserted energy is transformed in heat energy
  • Modern IR-C natural stone heating with natural materials
  • No odour or noise nuisance
  • No swirling of house dust
  • No additional humidification of your rooms because of the normal assimilation capacity of the natural stone
  • Lower connection values compared to the night-storage heating (up to 70 %)
  • Elegant and space saving heating elements
  • Advantageous acquisition costs