astra natural stone heating in new buildings

The astra natural stone heating is a full heating system working with infrared radiation. Special rates of the energy providers ensure an economically advantageous operation. These special rates can also be applied to the generation of hot water.
Everyone planning a new building has to opt for a heating system for his home. In case of a family home, approximately 10 % of the total building costs have to be invested in the heating system. Opting exclusively for the astra natural heating, this investment costs will not exceed 5 %.
Combining the astra natural stone heating with a photovoltaic system and at most with an energy storage device, the investment costs will be equal or even lower than for a heat pump, pellet or wood chip heating or combined heat and power station.
If you look at the annual energy costs of a new building (household electricity, heating system and hot water), the running and additional costs, an astra natural stone heating combined with a photovoltaic system and an energy storage device will be the most economical alternative to other heating systems.
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