We produce the astra natural stone heating according to a milling procedure that we developed. The special heating elements are placed inside of milled grooves on the rear side of the 3 cm natural stone plate. A special electric heating conductor lies inside of the natural stone plate. As soon as the heating technology is connected with the plates, we will applicate a special filling compound that has nearly the same thermal conductivity as the stone itself and the unit will be closed under pressure.
The stone is heated up gently because the heating element lies in the middle of the stone. Thus, the linear expansion due to the heat is the same in all directions. The stone will not fold like it is the case when heating it up only from the rear side.
The milled grooves for the heating element act like expansion joints in floor pavements. They avoid the formation of cracks. Thanks to the applied special technological procedures, the VDE approved heating element can expand without bursting.
The heated natural stone releases its energy in form of heat radiation. We know this effect from sunbeams and tilled stoves.
In order to comply with the safety regulations of the VDE [Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies], inside of the astra natural stone heating are installed two independent temperature monitors. They cut off the heating when the heat release is insufficient (because the panel is entirely or partially covered) and the admissible temperature limit is achieved. The unit has a double insulation and has been tested by the VDE so it is hose-proof.
Thereby, it is possible to install the astra natural stone heating also in damp rooms, subject to the condition that all the other installation instructions for damp rooms are respected.